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I should really think about updating this

I am soooooo busy and life just happened!

I can't keep track of every single blog I started, but I really should keep this one up! Geez, what's wrong with me.

私の日本語が改善です。JLPT N5またはN4のための準備ができています。


And I say whatever...

because maybe this will change, but I, too, wish my life was handed to me on a silver platter once in a while. but no, the life throws itself in my face without warning.

because of this, I believe I have the right to be angry, to be envious, to be jealous... because people do not understand. maybe they do a little, but they haven't been in this situation.... so they cannot understand.

don't be surprised if i don't talk to you for a while. i don't feel like it. i have a right... even if it makes me a hypocrite.


OMG PROFESSIONAL-LIKE BLOG?!? YESPLZ :D click me for some arts and stuff lol. i have to update it more often than here << dont shoot me glares like that! D<

I'm Canadian!

fuuun! :D -stolen from K.-



Hello there!

It's been almost a year since my last entry, what's wrong with this? Well, I changed my journal's style.... XD it was too much like my friend K.'s 

Without knowing we put the same one at the same time ahahahaha. Anyways, so most of my stuff can be seen on orangepencils 's LiveJournal. Yes, that's K.

And Yes, I am P. 

I'll eventually link all the pictures I gave her/she has on there (by me) to here... I need to find the time between the job and college.

Whoever dares to say Animation is all about drawing and is easy, I will make sure you never say those words again. don't you dare. OTL


This is my first entry on LJ... YAY!

So, these days I'm busy so I haven't had the time to figure out what i'll do with my lj, but i'll find it!