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I'm Canadian!

I stole got this list of things I did and did not do as a "Canadian" from K here: [info]orangepencils  Lol I'm totes more canadian than her. We'll have to remedy to that, now won't we? MOVE TO ONTARIO ALREADY, K!

*YES I...

- Love maple syrup
- and beaver tails
- AND poutine!

- Put said syrup on tourtière (once lol), on cakes, in cakes, in milk, on ice cream, with yogurt, maple bacon, maple ham, on eggs, with sausages, with oatmeal... OH! and I put it in whipped cream instead of sugar.

- Braved many winters

- Played street hockey
- AND ice hockey

- Went tobogganing, I snow shoed, camped, canoed, kayaked

- Had Thanksgiving in October

- Celebrate Canada Day
- Can look like a giant Canada groupie (Esp. on Canada Day)

- Gotten the whole “You’re from WHERE?!”

- Watch hockey on TV
- Cry when my team loses
- Team Canada vs Team USA = Team Canada WINS.
- Been to a hockey game!

- go to sugar shacks

- live in the [real] National Capital
- been to 5 provinces of 10.

- Say AB-OUT [NO ONE says ABOOT]

- Live in an actual house

- Shovelled snow
- Experienced real, hot summer in my own province

- Took the Métro/Subway

- Speak English and French/French and English, Frenglish
- I know the National Anthem in French and English. I sing them both and the bilingual way (start in French, end in English)

- I've been to Niagara Falls

- Saw people in the bus/métro with hockey equipment

- Use the expressions “eh” and “hoser”

- Took history classes either called/relating to  “Histoire du Canada” [History of Canada]

- Swear in French

- Make province jokes

- Seen a beaver
- Seen a moose in the wild.

- Got my tongue stuck on a lamp post

- It’s tuque not toque

- Say zed or hache

- Been to Paramount Canada's Wonderland

- Know 1 Native person

- Go to College. But I know people in University.


- Dad is not a lumberjack

- Don’t live in an igloo

- Don’t have a pet bear

- Never saw bears in the wild

- Don't smoke Weed

- Driven a Zamboni

- Say aboot or hoose

- Have a Canada Goose jacket.... yet.

- Don’t ta-lk wit de ‘eavy French accent

- Don’t necessarily wear a tuque every day

- Dog sled

- Never saw snow in June, July, August, September

- Chopped down a tree

- Didn’t go from Vancouver to New Brunswick then go back to Ontario, stopped in Yukon and went back to Québec in one day.... it's impossible.


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